Introducing Heritage Resale

Our company was established to provide an efficient means of disposal for obsolete and trade-in radio equipment.


We provide environmentally responsible disposal for your old equipment at no cost to you, by utilizing the residual value of obsolete units.


These days, electronic equipment rapidly becomes disposable. Equipment no longer in use can seldom be just thrown away however. There are regulatory and environmental concerns.


We use the residual value of the equipment to finance responsible disposal.


Whatever we cant use, we dispose of through our recycling partners. Follow the link on the left of the page for details.


What kind of equipment will we accept? We can find value in equipment long-since unsupported by the manufacturer, often from 2000 or earlier.


We can process just about any programmable mobile or portable radio, and whatever happens, it will not end up in a landfill. Take a look at our Equipment page for a few examples. 


What's in it for you? : Zero cost disposal. We pay for shipping in most cases.


What's in it for us? : Whatever is left over.


We refurbish and resell equipment and parts wherever possible. We focus our sales on lower volume niche markets which do not overlap significantly with those served by Value Added Resellers

If we recover value from your equipment, we us it to finance disposal. If  we don't, then there is still no cost to you.


Want to hear more? : Contact us by using the link on the left.